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I have the utmost respect for the women who have come before me to serve as President of the Lebanese Syrian American Junior League.  I am in awe of the focus on their goal and the many things that they accomplished, despite the hardships they faced.  To think they started this during the time of the Great Depression and kept it going during World War II when they were pulled in so many direction to assist this great country is pretty amazing.  With all of that, those inspiring women never lost their focus on their mission- to stay true to their heritage, to showcase individuals' talents through volunteerism, to aid those in need through welfare, to assist with higher education through scholarships and finally - to proudly present our young adults to society at the Debutante Ball.

Those of us that have followed our Grandparents, Mothers, Aunts and friends to the League share the responsibility of continuing that vision.  Regardless of how or who brought us to the League, we have become better women for it.  The friendships, laughter and love we have shared has transcended generations. We are part of a very elite group who know, there's no place like home, and no organization with the strength and commitment like the League.

As in every organization, change is inevitable if you want to stay relevant and the Lebanese Syrian American Junior League is no different. As our new year kicks off, change and renewed vibrancy will be very apparent!  Our focus will be to build upon the programs we already have in place, as well as increasing our activity, visibility and  volunteer opportunities.  Also, look for us to promote the League more vocally as we plan to extend our reach to other Lebanese and Syrian Organizations, as well as the City of Cleveland.

We would love to have you join us and share our friendships, laughter and love.  Bring your relatives, friends, sisters and daughters with you.  There will be something for everyone because everyone brings a unique perspective and idea...just like those women from 1929.

I look forward to welcoming you and ll the wonder that you will bring to the League.  Thank you for your support of the League.

Mary Saba-Keating

League President


The Lebanese Syrian American Junior League was founded in 1929 in Cleveland, Ohio by

a small group of women. These pioneers of our rich and rewarding history were everyday American friends coming together with one thought in mind....creating a place where women meet and do what they did best.


They organized a foundation, driven by a great vision and commitment to preserve their heritage in a forever changing world.  Through the years the League has grown in many ways and has had many changes but has maintained true to its mission of encouraging members to participate in education and charitable activities and also to establish funds for these worthy causes both locally and among our Lebanese and Syrian communities.


Today we are still the same women coming together socially in spirit as they did over 85 years ago in friendship, supporting each other and working together to preserve our traditions and give to others.  We take great responsibility in being a leader in the Lebanese Syrian community and the greater Cleveland area with our Welfare projects.  We whole heartedly support our Lebanese Syrian youth in their education as they aspire toward a bright future in higher education through administration of our Scholarship Program.  We are very proud to host the Debutante and Escort Grand Ball to introduce our young men and women to our Lebanese Syrian community and bring forth their commitment and vision for the future generations.


We are the past and present women of the Lebanese Syrian Junior League and

we stand strong together in support and commitment to our legacy.

We invite you...our future women members to do what you can do best.

Amber Joseph Wiesner

League President 2015-2017

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