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Debutante Ball

Our teens and young adults of Lebanese or Syrian descent, as well as children or grandchildren of current League members, are “presented” to society at the Ball.  This tradition showcases the accomplishments of the young people of our community and offers an opportunity for us to applaud them and support their dreams. Click the button below if you are interested in additional information.

Serving the Greater Cleveland area since 1929, the LSAJL is a 501(C)3 organization comprised

of women of Lebanese or Syrian heritage, by birth or marriage, who work together to better

the world through volunteerism. A member of the LSAJL has an opportunity to build friendships through the League’s supportive environment while making a positive contribution to the local and global community.



The League holds monthly meetings from September to June – some formal, others combining the business of the League with hands-on activities. Ongoing programs include Scholarship, Welfare and Debutante Ball committees, whose members work and play together to host events and generate goodwill in support of our Mission Statement. Learn more about where best to pledge your time and talents by clicking here.


Your time and monetary donations are dedicated to support the LSAJL’s mission. Our focus areas are Scholarship and Welfare programs. Click here for more information and ways to

donate now. Thank you to our generous donors!

Are you a woman 18 years of age or older of Lebanese or Syrian descent by birth or marriage?

Do you live in the Greater Cleveland area?


Are you willing to volunteer some of your time and talents to help others while making new friendships?


If so, click here to request application.

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